Back to school!

There we go. My very first post.

Symbolically I wanted to do it on 1st September. All the kids went back to school today and I used to do the same for many, many years. How depressive, right? Well, I’m too old for being a pupil now but at least I can start something new and make this day special again. And if we look at it from a different perspective, I’m back to writing essays and meeting deadlines! How exciting, huh?!

Plus, I really feel like I’ve joined a new class. I’m here on my own for now, I hope it will fill up with some really cool people. Let’s say, one million to start with?

A brief explanation of my ‘being’ on here…

Since ‘online hating’ is a very popular term, overused everywhere around, my ambition is to be the hater number 1. I have great predispositions, I think!

But being more serious now, I do get a bit mouthy. It doesn’t mean I hate. Occasionally I am very opinionated and I do like to express it. For those of you who are opposite, trust me – it may bring a lot a troubles!

On here, I would like to speak mainly about the music industry. POPular music is not my favourite type, but I do get to listen to a few songs every now and then. I’m more of a observer rather than listener. I will try not to gossip around but rather purely discuss whatever is happening. I have many ideas and plans but will try to start a bit slower.

Good luck to myself in a new academic year!

Mr. Hatersky


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