Beyoncé – big artist or big scam?

Beyonce is one of the biggest superstars on this planet. Full stop. No one can deny it and no one can take it away from her. She has worked hard for this status and definitely met the right people to help her get through. Whatever she does, sings, dances or performs, it goes up to the highest level. You either expect her to be number one or nothing. I wouldn’t call her the Queen, the Princess, the Whoever, because we all know those ‘statuses’ are highly overused. We all know what Bee stands for and it might mean different things for different people.

Her albums, concerts, videos, films photo shoots, red carpet looks, and private life have been on everyone’s lips since…forever. You may, or may not, like her, but hardly disappears since late 90s.

I may even take this risk and say that Beyonce is the hardest working performer of her generation. Every note she sings and every dance move she presents on stage is followed by hours and hours (and hours!) of tough rehearsals. Proof? Let’s go back to her first solo album ‘Dangerously in Love’. We were all ‘crazy in love’ with Beyonce. Wow! She sounded and moved great on that Video Music Awards stage! Didn’t she? Sexy and beautiful. But if you travel back in time again, and watch her in Glastonbury in 2011, you will understand what an amazing progress that girl has made. Whatever she did years back, she’s doing it better today. Both vocally and choreographically. She inhabited stage like her own and her confidence is bigger than anybody else’s.

She hasn’t been competing with other performers and artists as much as with herself.  By the way, do you still remember when they used to compare her to Jennifer Lopez? Do you even read any juxtapositions of those two names anymore?

In other words, you are not born Beyonce. You become one. And you have to work really hard for it.

Personally, I had a massive respect and sentiment for Beyonce for many years. I remember that well – her ‘Beyonce Experience’ Tour (the B’day era) was my first big concert of a worldwide famous superstar. Costume changes, big stage, lights everywhere, dancers and the superstar in the middle of it. I was blown away. Now I would probably be less excited, let’s call it ‘growing up’. I have never been a heavy listener to her songs. I rather admire the full package. And the performance.

She’s beautiful. Talented. Hard Working. Sassy. Can sing. Can dance. Knows how to interact with an audience. Is pretty much versatile on albums and stage. Keeps her private life for herself, or rather trying. No major faux pas. Rather hard to estimate her intelligence, but let’s say – she never came up with anything extremely stupid or embarrassing (”I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada” – Britney Spears). In other words, she’s got many ASSets. Perfection? Goddess?

BUT! So many buts… And funnily enough, they have all come up within last few years. Obviously, calling someone ‘perfect’ is a massive overstatement, especially in this business – but she really wasn’t far from it.

Beyonce got into her own trap in recent years. Let me think… it started going down really badly since that awkward documentary ‘Life is but a dream’. Or maybe before? I’m lost.

So, what the hell do I want from her?! Well, putting nicely into words…

  • I don’t believe her. She sings/sells what people desire to listen to. I know. All artists do. And what I know even better is that not everyone must be good enough to write and produce music. And I got absolutely no problem with that! But when I see happy Beyonce waving to us with her ‘single ladies’ repeating the waving routine, I’m asking – WTF?! When she sings about being a broken hearted girl – WTF?! Girls run the world? OH, ok Bee. Got it. I definitely believed her more when she was singing about bootilicious or had that Deja Vu thing. That was much more trustworthy.
  • She imitates Michael Jackson’s career. There, I said it… And I’m surprised no one ever mentions it. And I don’t mean she gets inspired (it is hard not to get inspired by Jackson if you are a pop performer). What I’m saying is, half of her image is built up smoothly upon his own. Not only that. Some choreographies are way too similar to call it an ‘inspiration’. Beyonce dreams of becoming a legend and repeats what MJ used to present. Great work, PR team. But let’s make something clear, let’s point the main difference between those two. Michael Jackson was a genius. He created his own image from the scratch. He wrote his own songs. And they were related to his past or his presence. He was creditable as an artist. Beyonce is also talented and hard working, but she is just a PERFORMER. Not an artist. If she becomes a legend one day, it will be of a completely different kind. I don’t want to promise too much but one day I’m planning to write a separate post comparing those two. And proving my point.
  • Beyonce is a feminist. Now she is, oh yes! She wasn’t when her father built her career and opened ALL the doors. Nor when Jay Z did same thing years later. And no, I am not going into politics now. But even if it’s against us (men!) I can become a feminist too with one billion dollars on my account (or something like that, didn’t count!), years of successful career and no ideas for my upcoming album… Does anyone even believe she cares? I understand she got to that stage of her career when almost everything has been achieved. She could easily use her fame for many amazing purposes, but no… Beyonce wants to become a feminist NOW and she will. Maybe they had a spare chair on weekly feminist meetings so she joined in. She probably hasn’t learnt much but at least Bee is a feminist now and she’s got an album dedicated to it and everyone’s happy. Maybe apart from real feminists (those educated and knowing the reality ones) who don’t necessarily appreciate her help. Hopefully rebellious teenage girls will buy it. By the way, Taylor Swift is also a feminist now. Just to sum it up…
  • That new album. ‘Beyonce’. It’s not bad, not saying it is. My blog is not about changing people’s tastes. The album itself had a great marketing strategy. It is actually a bit different to anything what she got us used to before. And yes, Beyonce has been in a very long relationship and has a baby and we’ve heard from other women that it can boost your sexuality and sex life. But she went a bit too hardcore on changing her image. She really decided to chase her younger singing ladies (Rihanna, maybe?). Before she didn’t have to, she was sexier than any other cheap lady. And she was also missing the vulgar part quite well. Now she goes down to the same level. I don’t wanna hear about Jay Z ejaculating on her gown. I do believe she got fucked well on the back sit of her limo. And also, one more thing. How many times you want to hear a dictionary definition (!) of a word’ feminist’? Well, once. You learn it, you never go back to that. But thanks to Beyonce, you listen to it every time you play the album because the speaking part is in the middle of a song (quite a good one, that makes  even worse). In fact, those speaking parts are in almost every song. Fun. SKIP!
  • Above mentioned ‘Life is but a dream’. Everything what I have just written is emphasised in this ‘documentary’. I don’t even know where to start because everything was just… bad. I mean, if you get caught on the sofa watching the Kardashians or Jersey Shore and you believe in what’s happening there and you believe this is ‘real life’, go for it. Beyonce and her team made something you might enjoy. She even recorded herself on a webcam, confessing about everything. Well, it’s nothing strange is it? We all have short videos on our laptops when we talk, cry, or laugh in front of a webcam. I’m sure it’s not related to any mental issues. Beyonce speaks about her relations with father, mother, fans and mainly Jesus. She carries her laptop everywhere so we can have a glimps into her normal life. How kind. She’s so unnaturally natural that it almost hurts. Ok, let’s say I might be a bit sensitive or even prejudiced towards her (and I’m not, just slightly irritated….). We could even take it easy and just laugh. We could. But in this documentary she did something what she had been avoiding before the whole time. She touched the most intimate parts. Like her unborn baby. The one she lost. If it happened, I’m sure it was traumatising as it would be for every woman. But Beyonce sold it. Her team directed that piece of news very carefully. Beyonce is sat alone in a studio, crying. Then she leaves. The studio gets empty. Did you get sad? Yes, you were supposed to. But now, let’s imagine the ‘behind the scenes’ part where the director tells her ‘Ok Bee, let me just make a quick shot of you crying in the studio. Yeah, just sit there and pretend like you’re crying or something, dunno… ‘. This is how I imagine it. I’m sorry, I don’t believe in coincidences of hidden cameras around. Not in this life. Nor confessing or praying to a webcam. Especially when you start speaking about losing a baby and how much you suffer after. That’s more than pretending being in a relationship. One thing I always admired about Beyonce was the fact that she was able to achieve everything by her hard work and talent, not spicy news from her private life. She was really good at it. No one heard much about the relationship with Jay Z when it all started (but could have been sold well!), she was never getting into uncomfortable situations. It was all kept under control. But those days are gone.

I might find many other reasons for liking and disliking Beyonce. That’s how her intense career works. Which is good. We need Beyonce in this show business. But she has switched more into the business that the show, what wasn’t much of a case before.  It’s all gone up to that level when I just don’t care about Beyonce. Nor her last boring VMA performance. Nor whether she’s still with Jay Z or not. I also don’t care about her perfect Instagram life.

Too bad, Bee.


4 thoughts on “Beyoncé – big artist or big scam?

  1. I’m a fan of several actors so I can see how people can separate Beyonce from her music and idolise her, but I’ve never been able to do this. I know she has talent, but I don’t see why I should hold her in higher regard than say, Adele, who’s arguably more talented and yet relies only on her music.

  2. Well, those two are completely different to each other. Like I said earlier in my post, Beyonce is a performer and is really good at it. Adele is a producer and a good singer. Better than Beyonce? I don’t know – that might be discussed for hours and probably never be solved. Fans of both like them for different reasons. And both have different talents. Adele wouldn’t do things what Beyonce does on stage and probably Beyonce wouldn’t sing or write songs like Adele does. But in my personal opinion, I always thought that Adele could have done much better than she actually did. Her career was massive and she didn’t even go on a proper tour. She made great songs, had a few good live performances, won an Oscar for Skyfall… and I’m still not satisfied because I know there’s much more to discover.

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