JLaw and her leaking drama.

Leaked celebrity photos. It happened again. We’ve all been reading about it for the last two days. I hope not many has actually seen it.

I have. But not because I googled it purposely. One of the gossip websites, with quite a large number of readers, decided to publish them along with an article so I guess many people got caught seeing them whether wanting it or not. Well, these news sell quite well and some people find any opportunity to make some cash.

Ok, to the point. Stealing ANYBODY’s pictures and leaking them out publicly is BAD. But unfortunately it will be happening more and more. Why? Because there is a good source of it. Nowadays, we all take pictures of everything. Holidays, what we had for dinner, what our cat had for dinner, what we keep in pants… Welcome to the XXI century!

I know you wouldn’t steal it. But someone will always be up for it. You also wouldn’t rob someone’s house but THERE ARE people who are really good at it, no matter if you accept it or not!

However, when all this shit came out I was wondering how Jennifer Lawrence’s PR team would get out of it. She is probably the actress number one of her generation right now. And people sympathise with her a lot. The whole situation couldn’t just go away ‘like that’.

And what happened? A few massive websites (for example, the Guardian and Buzzfeed) wrote longer than usually articles defending Jennifer Lawrence. They wrapped it all up nicely into the whole women’s privacy violation issue so people would get even more angry about the whole situation.

Celebrities also spoke out loudly. Especially Emma Watson, who recently met Miss Lawrence personally at the Christian Dior show in Paris.. The pictures of these two making funny faces went viral and everyone was in heaven. Oh, how cute they were together! Now Emma is fighting in the name of her new friend on Twitter. They all speak about women’s privacy violation. Again.

Don’t get me wrong. This whole situation should have never had place. And I’m feeling sorry to Jennifer. And not Jennifer the woman but Jennifer the human being. If it happened to me I would probably feel same way.

It’s really not the first time when it happened. And not only women were involved (hello, Colin Farrell…). A few years ago there was that big BOOM with pictures of ladies getting out from their cars. I think putting a camera between your legs is even worse and more disgusting. But back then everyone was criticising Britney’s techniques rather than defending women’s privacy.

The only positive thing I see about this whole mess is the fact that it raises an awareness. We know it happened. And it may happen again. Not only to celebrities.

But I wouldn’t worry much about Jennifer. She will be fine. The publicity defending her is very strong. Much stronger than any other celebrity can count on.


2 thoughts on “JLaw and her leaking drama.

  1. I think that people need to take precautions. It would be nice if bad people never did bad things, but they do. Maybe certain photos aren’t safe, even in the cloud, and should be kept offline.

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