Lady Gaga

I remember that day.

MTV introduced me to some tacky looking blond girl with massive sunglasses covering half of her face. That’s the impression from ‘Just Dance’ music video. My first thought? ‘Christina Aguilera, why you do this to me?!’ My second thought, ‘Thank f**k it’s not her but another wannabe’. I was not blown away, neither musically nor visually.

Not long after, we all started educating ourselves what Lady Gaga stands for. Even if you were not that interested, you had to acknowledge her presence… The new quirky, not stereotypically pretty, with quite a good voice pop diva singing catchy songs with the main theme of ‘rah rah uh lala’.

Surprisingly and completely out of the blue, the press started attacking Miss Aguilera for… copying Lady Gaga. So I wondered, ‘was it me going crazy with misleading first impressions or have we just witnessed the birth of a superstar who is going to be pushily promoted everywhere possible?’

What’s less surprising, people started believing it. And it means, if an artist is backed up by big fish in the industry, he/she can get any press, whatever is needed. And whatever is needed, it can be sold to people as simply as selling Big Macs. Both are based on simple consumption. You buy that fat burger and you eat the whole thing, not thinking how much crap is in it.

From more interesting facts, before Lady Gaga got famous, she had appeared in one of those silly MTV shows with hidden cameras.* Ok, we all know the cameras are not hidden and everyone in it is an amateur actor. I believe in coincidences and miracles but not that the future superstar appears on non-musically related show on MTV and then being overly promoted on the same channel two years later. What does it mean then? Well, Miss Germanotta was definitely known to the big MTV family for a long time. And no, I’m not talking about that Illuminati s**t. Just simple business which helped her to get the best press coverage as possible, from the very early days. Not fair? Who cares…

Anyway, since that moment I somehow felt in my bones that Lady Gaga was going to compete with Madonna, trying to get the desired status of the Queen of Pop. As we all know, both singer fought for it bravely which was almost as amusing as cat fights videos on YouTube. In my opinion, no one won. Hence, the Queen stays on the throne, for now.

Lady Gaga doesn’t come from nowhere. Musically she is well prepared. Much better than any other pop artists, like Rihanna. The fact she composes her songs herself is also very much appreciated. I even enjoyed that quirkiness she introduced back to the scene. However, I never got hooked on her songs. To me they are OKAY, maybe above the average at best. I still think she hasn’t written ONE good album. She has done good songs, or rather hits, but all three babies she has brought to this world have some really… embarrasing tracks. I mean, you can’t just pass by ‘Americano’ without putting plugs in your ears. And this is just one example.

So, do I have any problem with Lady Gaga? Well, not really. So what the hell do I want again?!

It’s the PEOPLE. Those who praise their Goddess above anyone and anything. Those, who after the first album proclaimed Lady Gee as the Queen of something. Those who almost fainted at the sight of the famous meat dress, called it ‘artistic’ and probably believed they are art critics themselves. Those who said that Lady Gaga had achieve more in less than a year than Madonna in thirty. Bloody Little Monsters…

We need to start from the point that Lady Gaga is not that inventive. People say that she has created ‘something new’, that she’s different than anybody else. This statement can be made only by someone with a very little music knowledge. Someone who doesn’t know artists or their early years, such as Cher, Grace Jones, Bjork (Lady Gaga is not even close to her) or above mentioned Madonna. They all have one thing in common. They were all experimenting with their image, on stage and out of it. Some of them were tacky and some of them were almost on the edge with real art. And that’s what Lady Gaga is about too. Good for her. But with due respect, she’s not first. She’s not even tenth.

She is also NOT the Queen of Pop. I could give hundreds of reasons but I have already made a major one, if you look above. Her albums. She managed to get massive hits from her first two. The third one is already a flop. She also got trapped in her own image. Changing costumes, wigs, make up, showing tits, showing vagina. Ok, we have seen it. Is there anything else? If she couldn’t bring up some good music, what’s left? Didn’t you just get bored?

Around the “Born This Way’ era I already knew that Lady Gaga was going to slow down. She was trying to get out of that trap, close her wardrobe and introduce something new. I was not far from the truth. Before releasing the third album, she had already appeared in some pretty normal human-like outfits. And just to remind you, she had never done it before. In my opinion, it was a test. On us. And it failed, the interest wasn’t there. Hence she got back to her quirkiness but not on such a high level. Now she calls it ‘art’, still experimenting with fashion, music and music videos. She also promoted ‘Artpop’, the third studio album, by some really strange yoga video, showing what’s between her legs. All bare, as the nature intended. That also failed. Not much interest.

On the other hand, you don’t really want to see Lady Gaga appearing ‘normal’. We got used to her alienated image. Lady Gaga being normal is not really normal, hence it could be quite attractive to see it every now and then, just not too often.  I do strongly believe that before she released the ‘Fame’ album, her team had decided to take a big risk. Someone had an idea for some experiment, social, business, artistic – however you call it. Someone built the Haus of Gaga, brought new outfits, the best press coverage, made sure Gaga wore at least five outfits on each red carpet appearance. Some people may call it ‘ambitious’. I would say it was more of playing a game called ‘you’re either the best or nothing’.  They won the first, maybe second battle. They have also won Little Monsters and their hearts full of money. But now it’s time for first lost battle. Mainly defeated by own trap.

There are some comments saying that Lady Gaga is over. I wouldn’t be that dramatic. I am sure she will come back. Quite possibly she will never disappear. Too much money invested and too much money generated so far. But artistically she is just boring. I am bored.

Are you?

* If you’re interested in the video of Lady Gaga getting famous on ‘hidden’ camera, just Youtube ‘Lady Gaga on Boiling Points’. SPOILER! She lost.


9 thoughts on “Lady Gaga

  1. Well, I believe that if you are going to start publishing crap, you should at least see and understand what you are writing. You don’t have a single idea of what Lady Gaga does. She inspires people and teaches them how to be themselves. She donates to charity. She is honest. She loves her fans more than anything and I admire her for that. Who cares if the music is all the same (thay is not true, BTW) the thing that matters is the message of her songs. Before posting this s**t, learn some general culture. OK??

    • Every star inspires and teaches their fans, if it’s sold properly. They also donate to charities. Every single one.
      I’m not forbidding you to admire her for anything.

      Thanks for your time.
      Take care.

  2. I’m not saying that are forbidding me from doing anything. I’m just saying that you should study the person you are talking about. She is extremely talented and she doesn’t copy any other artist. Please shut up if you don’t know. By!!

    • Go back to my post and find the part where I mention her talent. And then find the part when I give the names of artists who may be ‘inventive’ a bit earlier than your idol. I didn’t say that Lady Gaga copies. I only said that she hasn’t invented anything new. Thanks for revisitng.

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