Sinead vs Miley… Again

We all know the story of these two.

It started from Miley Cyrus’ statement that her ‘Wrecking Ball’ video was inspired by famous ‘Nothing Compares To You’. If I were Sinead I’d be pissed off too… No wonder. I would probably write an open letter, as she did, and try to make it very clear that the comparison was just a simple misunderstanding. Sinead, however, took that extra mile and decided to educate people what Miley’s career is based on. Very precisely. What did we get back? The reminder of O’connors mental health problems from a few years ago. Miley posted a screenshot of the Irish singer’s posts on Twitter when it was very clear Sinead wasn’t in best mental state. It’s very brave for someone who lives in the world where those issues come up very easily. We all know some big careers gone wrong. I would expect that response from Hannah Montana, not someone over 18 years old… (if you still haven’t read what I’m talking about, here’s a link:

I remember exactly how I felt about the first open letter published by Sinead on her website. I wouldn’t take away anything from that, only adding more. We can tell those words were lead by a long experience in the industry; even if Sinead was never meant to be on the same pedestal as pop stars. Just to remind you, she boycotted and refused Grammy awards at the peak of her career. I believe she had a good reason. And here’s Miley, an essence of everything what’s tacky and wrong in today’s music show business. You don’t want to be compared to ‘that’. A few days ago Sinead commented on a picture posted by Miley where we can see the young singer stuffing her mouth with dollars, making stupid faces and provoking poses. Nothing new, I’d say. But Cyrus still tries to come across as someone who tries too hard, going in all wrong directions. We thought Rihanna was bad and now I might start missing her. Sad times! How often do we have to witness young pop idols ‘transforming’ into dysfunctional adults within one day? How long do we have to listen to those stories of how much they love expressing their sexuality right now, right here? And finally, when will people stop believing in this bulls**t?

For me, in a totally personal opinion, Miley is an essence of everything what’s wrong on a pop scene. I don’t believe in any special talents she has or a message she sends. If your father had decided to make you a superstar before your birth you’d have probably ended up singing as good as Hanna Montana. Every little girl would. You can’t decide about someone’s talent before that person comes to the world. Full stop. Our Disney princess has transformed into some tacky, vulgar monster now. At the moment it is hard to find her attractive, sexy, funny, inspiring. Her PR team decided to hit with a really aggressive image. It reminds me a bit of Christina Aguilera from her ‘Dirrty’ era. It was very sudden, shocking and vulgar too. But at the same time we received a really good album when Aguilera herself exposed the biggest asset – the voice. Miley hasn’t proved much, apart from acting like a kid with very advanced ADHD.

On the other hand, maybe it’s just me? Maybe I’m getting old, old-fashioned, and grumpy. Maybe Miley is the first celebrity who makes me realise it, even though I am not much older than the generation of her fans? From out of my curiosity I asked a few people, probably more in age of my parents, whether they had similar feelings towards, for example, Madonna years back? From what I understood there were many people finding her scandalous and almost unacceptable. Whether it comes to sex, nudity, Catholic Church or politics, Madonna pissed off many people and her obscenity was on much higher level than Miley. But in the end, she wrapped up everything what outrageous into one piece and released one of the most famous books of all times, ‘Sex’. She recorded a great album ‘Erotica’ which was soaked with sex all over. She didn’t just end up touching her vagina whenever, wherever she had an opportunity to. She brought the best photographers, models, directors and herself to build something creative and artistic. Miley’s best photo shoot so far was the one with Terry Richardson. And twerking. I am not a woman but I know a few… Most of them have very strong notions, probably somewhere on the edge with feminism. It’s reflected in their confidence, ambitions and intelligence. None of them grab their crotchets to manifest it, even after a whole bottle of vodka. They like sex and practice that sport a lot, as most of us do. And I don’t believe they want to be associated with Cyrus’ actions. If I were a woman I’d be offended that someone like her tries to represent me, in any matter. Anything today can be explained by some misunderstood feminist movement and sell it to people, thinking that you are now creating some sort of history. Oh wow.  Beyoncé – the biggest feminist wannabe – is the master. In fact, I posted something about her a few week ago! Please, have a look! LINK:

Back to Sinead. She has just realised a new brilliant single. The video is here. That’s it. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Sinead vs Miley… Again

  1. An excellent post! I fully support Sinead’s stance and I also feel that Miley right now is a car crash waiting to happen. Let’s hope she can turn that around before she takes the Bieber route

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  3. I support Sinead too! She is talented and has an amazing voice! She also suffered abuse in her life so when she sings you feel her. Nowadays pop is more image than talent and it seems that the more offensive you are the more it sells.

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