Ubiquitous Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift was always that kind of pop artist I didn’t care much about.

I knew she was somewhere out there, with a few catchy easy songs I wasn’t familiar with, avoiding scandals and being basically a simple, down to earth girl with big dreams. I didn’t mind that. I don’t belong to her age target and I respect that some teenage people might admire her. She’s definitely a better artist to idolise than Miley, at least for now.

But this unawareness is over.

Taylor, recently, has been everywhere. No matter if I liked it or not I had to face her and the new upcoming album. EVERYWHERE.

At the moment she’s got the best marketing and the biggest money behind it. Even Beyonce, Miley or Katy Perry are not that aggressively promoted as our little rising star. The social media are going crazy with all non sense articles, taking any excuse to remind everyone GENTLY that Taylor is bringing a new album to this world. Oh, did you know there was a National Cat Day a few days ago? No? Well, this year all the media celebrated it with Taylor who posted a picture of her cat, just before this special day. Even Perez Hilton got excited about it. Oh, and her new album is coming out too… Did you know?

It reminds me one moment from the college years. My media teacher, at some point, asked ‘Who the hell is Justin Bieber?!’ I know, it sounds outrageous now, but back then everyone asked it at some point. Why? Because every video on YouTube she tried to play was somehow featuring ‘Baby’ by Bieber. It doesn’t matter if you were browsing videos with funny cats, George W. Bush’s inauguration speech, best of Wheel of Fortune or ‘Charlie bit my finger’, Justing Bieber was literally ALWAYS THERE! You couldn’t hide! You were doomed!

We all know the results for Justin Bieber, who was then celebrating massive views on YouTube (half clicked by mistake). With Taylor it’s a bit different as she’s not new, we all know her. What’s the point then? Simply explaining, it’s a very quiet season for pop artists as we’re not receiving any major albums now or soon. Madonna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Miley might be recording or be on tour right now. Taylor and her team are taking this advantage and try to get as much interest as possible. Recently they used the best trick called ‘leaking’. Her album ‘leaked’ and it happened on YouTube. If a leaked album stays on YouTube for more than ten minutes, that means it can be only leaked but those with biggest interest in it. Many artists practiced that and always worked. Taylor has learnt from the best.

Everything makes sense, from a PR and marketing point of view, but what could that mean? Maybe Taylor will start slowly changing her image now, exposing her ’empowerment’ as a woman, taking good examples from her older fellows? In fact, she recently admitted to be a feminist. Completely out of nowhere and probably not even asked.

Let’s see what happens then. I hope they’ll come up with something less predictable than typical story of ‘growing up on stage’. We’ve seen it.



6 thoughts on “Ubiquitous Taylor Swift.

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  2. I can’t tell if this post is negative or positive. Being a huge fan of hers, I think she took advantage of what she had and used it wisely. Think about it, if you were famous, would you ignore the point that nobody else was coming out with albums? Or would you put yours out when everything was quiet?

    • You definitely make a point with albums coming out on ‘quiet’ days, it’s definitely some sort of strategy artists practice often. However, as you noticed yourself, you’re Taylor’s fan. I am not. And somehow, I had been exposed to those news at every possible occasion. Wanted or not, needed or not – I read many references to Taylor, not necessarily her new music (but the line is very thin, every little news help to promote a new album).
      There’s a reason why I compared her to Bieber. He, apparently, broke some record on YouTube. But how? Same way. Being aggressively ‘attached’ to every video you watched, no matter of its content. Doesn’t it make it easier? Taylor, on the other hand, was praised by the number of sold album (and that will probably reflect in next year Grammys). And that’s fine, let’s not take it away from her. But we need to talk about the money spent on promotion of the album. And that’s millions of millions. Almost every blogger takes a lot of cash for a little article (even if it’s about her cat).

      I have no problem with Taylor being more famous, or having more fans, or more money. Actually, I have no problem with her all (apart from a little harassment for certain amount of time, and feminism). I only discussed the matter of praising artists for various statistics (sold album, followers on social media, watched YouTube videos) but completely forgetting the facts how those have been achieved. I can bring Taylor as an example of great PR and marketing, but not someone who artistically is revolutionary and ‘beats everyone’ on the market. Not yet.

      • First of all, if she doesn’t bother you, why are you making this a big deal? Second of all, I would like to know where you got the whole feminist idea.

      • Because I was bothered by the promotion, PR and marketing aspects of her career. This is what I mainly discuss on my blog. I thought it was obvious.
        Regarding the second part of your comment, please google ‘Taylor Swift the Feminist’ and count how many articles you can find about it. Also, I discussed the ‘feminism’ in my post about Beyonce, just to make it clear why it ‘bothers’ me.

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