Let’s laugh at Dapper!

Not so famous ‘Dapper Laughs’ is axed from ITV. If you are from outside the UK and you haven’t heard of him, don’t worry – many Brits hadn’t before either. But you might find the story interesting!

Daniel O’Reilly, the creator, lost his job because of a few funny/not funny jokes about raping women. There’s no TV show, no tour around the country and no upcoming Christmas single. He lost it within a very few days and doesn’t look like he will get it back soon.

The whole drama was followed by petitions full of anger and comments raising the issue of sexism and respecting women. Over 50 000 people signed it. Dapper himself somehow managed to get over 1 million likes on Facebook. Who’s right, who’s wrong?

Personally, I love the dark sense of humour. Sometimes I get shocked at myself but I can’t hide how terrible I am. And only a very few people know that secret of me.

I laugh at black humour when it’s comes together with intelligence, good sociological observations and sharp responses of a comedian. And Dapper was missing all that. I followed his Instagram (don’t stone me!) and found maybe a couple of videos that made me laugh. This is not a great result considering that I still haven’t managed to scroll down to the bottom of his profile. Maybe I just confused black humour with ‘ladish’ one and maybe I was not meant to like it? The best example is that moment when Dapper said in one of his stand-ups ‘she’s gagging for a rape’ pointing at one of the girls in the audience. Ok, if we stop being respectful to women for a second and even consider ‘rape’ as something funny… where is the joke? Why should we laugh? Is it just a matter of personal sense of humour? Or maybe any ‘lad’ can get on stage and pretend to be funny?

But the biggest sketch in Daniel O’Reilly’s career had place AFTER the axing. ‘Dapper is dead’, he says, and makes sure that his image as a person, not a comedian, is not fully destroyed. And here, ladies and gentlemen, we have a great example of how PR teams help to save silly celebrities’ asses.

Daniel (not Dapper this time) gave an exclusive interview to BBC Newsnight not long after losing his job. He wore all black, gelled his hair to the back, lowered his voice and made puppy eyes. It gives us a hint that in real life he is a professional, mature and ‘normal’ person as we all are. No leftovers from the lad we all knew WHATSOEVER! And this is what he tries to explain. Dapper was just a character, he’s dead and will never be back. Daniel was also very careful with answering the questions (even though he probably expected them all), giving out almost nothing. I had an impression that whatever his PR helpers wrote, he gently repeated. Anything what meant to be spontaneous didn’t really work out. I may blame the comedian’s intelligence, what I mentioned before. If someone is bright and quick on stage, it surely wouldn’t be a problem to show it off in a prepared interview. It reminded me those dark moments in Reese Witherspoon’s career when she got arrested and said a few nasty words to the police officers. Then there was that ‘exclusive interview’ where she regretted everything publicly, promised to behave and even joked referring to ‘Legally Blonde’ to make our hearts warmer. Mr. Lad went the same pathway but forgot his acting skills. Maybe some tears would have helped.

So what’s next? I hope nothing. I’m glad it got proved that not everything is allowed on TV despite of what some people may think.  I will leave the sexism and disrespecting women issues to those are passionate about it. And maybe I’ll say that I want to watch some good, ideally funny, comedy on TV. Dapper didn’t belong to that circle.




2 thoughts on “Let’s laugh at Dapper!

  1. I really agree with you that dark humour needs to have a certain amount of intelligence and sociological comment behind it. I loved Black Mirror and Four Lions and am a big fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to the great confusion of my husband. I think with IASIP the fact that the behaviour of “the gang” is not only deplorable but inept makes it clear who the joke is on. Dapper Laughs just wasn’t sharp enough and, in my opinion, not only not funny but offensive because it wasn’t clear who the joke was on. Many of his Vines involved several members of the public whose consent obviously wasn’t asked for, particularly the videos involving the homeless or old ladies. These videos made me really cross. A really good post.

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