Are you over Katy Perry yet?

Katy Perry, as we all know, performed at Super Bowls last week. Are we over it yet? It looks like!

I can’t remember when I was less excited about the famous halftime shows. I don’t blame Katy Perry for it as I am just generally not much excited about her career. A few catchy songs and a pretty face make her quite tolerable. Although ‘I kissed a girl’, or any other hit she has recorded, could be sung by anyone out there. Ask Simon Cowell, he’d find at least twenty ready contestants in his shows, even if they’d suck. Katy Perry, after all the appointments with make up artists, stylists, and hairdressers, is ready to perform whatever she’s told to. Just like in X Factor.

Back to her performance, the general impressions were quite positive. At least those from the media’s side. Colours everywhere, fireworks everywhere, new outfit with each song. And Missy Elliot – the best ’special effect’ of the night. You can read hundreds of articles stating that the legendary rapper upstaged our little star.  Is that what Katy Perry was hoping for? Definitely not! And I do not believe that ’the Perry team’ decided to commit that crime.

The Super Bowl performers (almost) always invite other artists to support them on stage. We had Beyonce with Michelle (hardly any competition), Madonna with Nicki Minaj, Michael Jackson with one million kids… Fair enough, but why would you invite someone who’s got much bigger discography, history, and charisma? What’s more, the artist we had all been waiting for to come back! Even though they are both from completely different playgrounds, it looked like Missy Elliot ‘interrupted’ Katy Perry’s performance. The surprise worked and even I am talking about it…

It seems like the organisers planned it well and made a good deal beforehand. Yes, Katy Perry was hosting the show. Yes, she’s commercially good enough to promote it beforehand. And no, she’s not good and big enough to rock the stage and make people talk about her afterwards. That’s why this year’s halftime Show needed Missy Elliot. She made it less predictable and repetitive. It worked well for both but it’s Missy who’s really back on it. Let’s hope for good!

And Katy? Oh, well… we’re over it!


2 thoughts on “Are you over Katy Perry yet?

  1. You’d forgive me if I don’t share some of your opinions. I think she did well at the show even though it seemed like everything was a tad rushed. I applaud her creativity and stage presence. I never knew her to be quite the performer and I will take her over Taylor any day. About the artistes she brought on….I think those were the best for her. Remember Bruno with the red hot chilli peppers that didn’t even plug their guitars.

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