Beck over Beyonce?

Beck recorded the best album of the year. At least according to the Grammy Awards.  And Beyonce is considered as the biggest loser. How the hell did this happen, you might ask?


The Grammy Awards, in recent years, have lost its prestige. They offer a very predictable entertainment. They stopped reflecting what’s really going on in a music world. Beck as the winner is supposed to abolish all that. The jury gave a chance to win someone who was the least commercial artist among all the nominees. He was also the least expected to win. And of course,  ‘yes and no’ debates run by media afterwords helped to create much longer publicity of the ceremony itself. In case of Beyonce’s win, we would’ve got her 100th speech thanking God and family. Boring.

So, are Grammys back to their prestige? No, don’t worry about that. Next year it will praise Taylor Swift and Rihanna. That’s what we call predictable..

PS: Every year we are reminded that Beyonce won quite a lot of Grammys (stopped counting), winning six of them only in 2010. Although we are not reminded that half of them are rather ‘lower quality’ relating to R&B genre with a very little competition. It’s not about the amount, Bee…


3 thoughts on “Beck over Beyonce?

    • Hi reviewshhark, for some reason your comment landed in my spam box. I’m not sure why, you should check if it happens on any other blogs! Back to your question, I don’t really know what the organisers take as an aim. Grammys are supposed to reflect what’s happening in today’s popular music. We can discuss the quality of music right now, but that would take ages. Plus, I’ve discussed it in a few posts already. However, don’t forget about the Grammys as money generators. That comes from advertising and publicity, before and after ceremonies. And here’s my point discussed in the post. Beck’s award brought so much discussion that the biggest winner is probably the ceremony itself.

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