Do I believe in Illuminati?

Who should you beware of more? Illuminati or Illuminati believers?

I still don’t know if I’m scared of Satan but I’m definitely scared of fanaticism. We know the history and we know how some fanatics out there made some remarkable changes into this world. Even if we take it to an extreme point that an artist is sent by Lucifer, we can eventually avoid his work by turning media off and live in peace. With fanatics, however, it’s much more challenging to avoid them. They will invade any thought you have if it’s not their own. It’s almost like their profession.

But the truth lies somewhere in the middle. As much as I don’t believe in satanic messages, I believe in people who rule the show business and we are not necessarily given to meet them. They’re probably stand far from behind the cameras. It is obvious that every career we witness today is perfectly planned (for next few years, at least), promoted, and controlled. It’s not a coincidence that Taylor Swift was aggressively promoted all around before her latest album got released (you can read about it HERE), or that Lady Gaga was known to MTV long before she debuted (and read about it HERE). It’s not a coincidence that some artists, even biggest names, disappear or get only bad publicity. And finally, also coincidentally, some artists get stuck in some very dodgy contracts for years (a very interesting article about JoJo, have a read).

The scenarios of some careers are also coincidentally very similar to one other and pretty much predictable. Spears, Aguilera, Bieber, all Disney stars, and many more start from a very innocent image (even as for teenagers… I can’t remember myself manifesting my virginity so loudly, if ever…) to some very nasty ‘transformations’, destroying all the rules and values they were so proud of before. Why? Not because of Satan but because of sheer controversy which almost always sells. Twerking Miley wouldn’t be that effective if not Hannah Montana we all got to know. Or seducing Britney in ‘I’m a Slave 4u’ if not her long-lasting virginity. Right now, we are witnessing young stars doing same ‘mistakes’ as teenage idols from twenty years ago. And we still get excited about it.

I watched a few videos, purely for fun, of people preaching and ‘analysing’ music videos, performances, and lyrics. Not being judgmental, but most of those people probably make videos about dinosaurs never existing, gays being killed, children from in-vitro not being 100% humans, and other abstracts. But that’s fine, really. They will always exist and I have nothing to do with it as I don’t have this need of discussing people’s notions and beliefs. The problem is, there are some kids out there who really believe that Satan performs at Grammys. If not our fanatic ‘teachers’, they wouldn’t be even interested in that topic. And we know kids, they love what’s forbidden. More, artists started playing hide-and-seek with their audience, knowing that any ‘satanic’ sign or the famous triangle will bring up discussions. Nothing excites more than discussions, debating, and clicks on YouTube. Rihanna had a ‘hidden’ message in ‘S&M’ video (the Illuminati Whore, or something like that – at least relevant) and Madonna took one step further and put a few songs on her new album dedicated to this subject matter (‘Illuminati’ song, no comment needed).

Do I believe in Illuminati? I’m not sure as I don’t really know the definition of it. If it’s limited to Satan and preaching, I’ll pass. But if Illuminati describes those people I mentioned above, let me in.

instead of threatening children with hell and pitchfork, let’s concentrate on avoiding idolizing. Even if you happen to listen to some proper antichrist tunes on Nicki Minaj, just do it for fun. Your own entertainment. Don’t soak her lifestyle in. Create your own, those idols have a bunch of people every day to help them look and think. This is your salvation.



2 thoughts on “Do I believe in Illuminati?

  1. Agreed or disagreed, I find it really strange to see all those symbols completely not related to music. Like horns, etc.

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