Just let him go…!

Oh, Zayn. What have you done?!

The mass hysteria is taking place around the world at the moment, fulfilled with anger and disbelief. For most of the teenagers it’s their first experience when they have to say ‘goodbye’ to their loved member of a band. We know the history and we know shit happens and we know nothing lasts forever. Young directioners don’t know it yet but they learned a good lesson yesterday. Welcome to the adult world!

SO WHAT HAPPENED?!, the world insists. Let’s use some empathy. Let’s all become Zayn for one moment.

You’re sixteen, or seventeen – doesn’t matter, still a teen. You like X Factor, you like to sing. You go for auditions because why not? At least you get to see that famous stage and Simon Cowell. And this is your very first day of your massive career, which you’re not even aware of yet. They tell you that you will go through the auditions but not on your own, you’ll do it with four other guys you have never seen before. Fine, you don’t say no. Then the next day (not literally) you’re in the finals, then you get kicked out, and then you sign a contract for fuck knows how much. Do you say no? No, of course not. You sign it. You have your first music video, kids love it. You make another video, and then get your first Brit award. You’re a special guest on next X Factor series, and Simon Cowell is proud of you. Then you blink and suddenly become the biggest current star in the world. For five years of your life you work your ass off. Recordings, photo shoots, tours around the world. And massive hysteria. No one passes by you without even one little reaction, even your fans fathers. And you’re still not saying no to anything offered. Because you think it’s your chance, that it’s all what you wanted. And needed. Well, maybe not exactly?

How responsible can a teen be with his dreams? And who tells you that from your very first auditions you become a global superstar within a year? What if it was just your fad, maybe some kind of illusion, and you don’t even like singing anymore? Did anyone give you a chance to sign a contract saying ‘From this date to this date I will be an idol for millions’? It doesn’t exist! You don’t say no to millions of pounds, fame, or splendour and you probably never regret them. But maybe you could just take all that money and be a lazy bugger? Take your whole family, go for a big holiday, and enjoy anything you didn’t have a chance to enjoy before. And forget about singing.

Let’s say it loud. One Direction signed a five year contract which is expiring now. And they had this right to not extend it. That’s what one them did. It’s still much easier to do in in a band, Justin is probably trapped in his contracts forever.

Personally, I have nothing against One Direction. I might even take this responsibility and say that I do find them quite fascinating. And I’d definitely be controversial if I said that they’re much needed on today’s music scene.

Apart from the very first single and the infamous cover ‘One Way Or Another’, I don’t know anything else. Musically I’m completely not interested as I never found boybands appealing to me. Maybe if they offered me to be in one, I’d change my mind. But for now I’d rather listen to birds outside (the spring is coming, hooray!).

What’s so fascinating in One Direction then? I think they perfectly fit in the needs of teenage girls (and some boys). There are three main factors why they might be the best boyband in the world:

1) Dreams come true. It happened to Kate Middleton, and definitely happened to One Direction. Putting the band together on X Factor and watching them grow (or even growing up with them, in some cases) definitely built a very strong fanbase.

2) They’re so British! And people around the world love British, the history shows. Everything – from sense of humour, image, or accent (I) – makes it almost exotic for their audience from across the Ocean. They’re much more trustworthy than created from scratch Justin Bieber.

3) They just do what they’re told to do, but at least they do it right. They proved they can be current biggest stars in the world without scandals and manipulation. Justin Bieber based his career on that. And those chaps really went only one direction, which is making their fans’s heart melted. Oh, bless them…

And yes, I predict Zayn will be back on track every now and then.

Because there’s one thing young Directioners still need to learn… They’re always back, sooner or later.

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